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Industrial Revelations: Tips For Operating A Manufacturing Business

Industrial manufacturing facilities are unique business environments with their own safety hazards, operational expectations, and culture. If you've recently invested in a manufacturing business, you may have noticed that these businesses require a different approach to staffing and management than many others. Especially in a physically demanding work environment, you need to reward your staff. That's why we built this site. Having spent years around the industrial work environments, we created this blog to help people like you understand how to make the most of your operation, retain your staff, and streamline your manufacturing. We hope the information here helps you to improve your business.



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Tips For Choosing Commercial Deep Fryers

Equipment for commercial kitchens differs greatly from the same types of products for domestic use. If you are outfitting a new commercial kitchen, it's important that you choose the equipment accordingly. One of the things you probably need to invest in is a deep fryer. With the right deep fryer, you can meet your customer needs during busy service periods and ensure consistent, quality food output. Here are some of the things that you need to think about as you start looking for your commercial deep fryer equipment.

Consider How Many Units You Need 

The number of deep fryer units you need will play a role in the right selection. After all, you need to be able to fit them into the available space in your kitchen. Remember that certain foods need different fryer oil temperatures, so you need to consider having fryers for each of those products. For example, chicken needs a different temperature than french fries, and fish requires a different temperature than both. Further, if you plan to offer fried fish, there should be one dedicated fryer for those products to avoid cross-contamination of fishy smells and flavors.

Think About The Temperature Control You Want

If your operation depends on precision control of specific recipes, you want to invest in a manually controlled fryer system so that you can set the temperature and determine the cook times completely on your own. Otherwise, you might want to consider a digital system with sensors integrated to detect basket loads and set temperatures and fry times accordingly. Think about the type of operation you're running and which is more important, then choose the fryer units accordingly. 

Understand Your Filtration Options

Keeping your fryer oil clean and free of particles is essential for avoiding the burnt taste and dark colors that come from dirty oil. It prolongs the usable life of the oil and saves you money on oil replacement and disposal. When you invest in commercial deep fryer equipment, look for models with integrated filtration systems so that you can easily ensure clean, fresh oil at all times. All you'll have to do is run the filtration cycle each day, or even between service periods, to keep the oil clean.

These are just a few of the things that you should think about when you're in the market for new restaurant equipment like commercial-grade deep fryers. Consider these features to ensure that your fryers meet the needs of your kitchen and keep your customers coming back.